Our History

The Reverend Reginald DeVaughn accepted the calling to the Pastoralship in the year of 1995. Little did others know that God had called him two years prior, but he was running from the calling. Finally, everything in his comfort zone was shaken Reginald moved out of the way, and let God have His way. After accepting the call of Pastoralship, he and his family were riding through a new sub-division called the Meadows of Southdown in Pearland where they purchased their new home. Pastor DeVaughn knew this area was where God wanted him, for he had shown him earlier. Further confirmation was given to Pastor DeVaughn, for as he drove farther and farther it looked as if the Christmas Holidays were upon them, but it wasn’t,it was the month of October (Halloween). The community was taken over by witches, pumpkins, goblins, ghost, scarecrows and all the Halloween festivities. Pastor knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was a great work to be done in this area and that the purpose was to take back the community for the Lord.

The first official core meeting of this body was held in the home of Pastor Reginald DeVaughn and family, Thursday, May 11, 1995 at 7:30 p.m. Eight people were present: Pastor Reginald DeVaughn, Geneva DeVaughn, Helen Hinson, Dorothy DeVaughn, Johnnie DeVaughn, Lawanda Crutcher, Audrey DeVaughn, and Lillie B. Jackson. Clarence and Mary Batties were also present as support and honorary core members.

The church was officially organized on Sunday, June 4, 1995 at the Holiday Inn-Astrodome with seven (7) members and 53 (fifty-three) people present. Rev. Reginald DeVaughn was called to Pastor the church. Johnnie DeVaughn, Algie Clark and Gary Jordan were named as Deacons and the church was named Silverlake Church.

Word spread rapidly regarding the newly organized Silverlake Church and visitors came far and near and the church began to and continuous to grow rapidly. Within one year we had a total of (77) members. Now 17 years later in 2012, Silverlake is blessed us with well over (10,000) ten thousand members & attendees. A total of (14) fourteen ministers birthed under Pastor DeVaughn. Currently twenty-six (26) ministers serving at Silverlake.

We have been blessed to have purchased (40) forty-acres of land where a portion of the future homesite will resides.

God is still blessing and directing Pastor DeVaughn to higher visions.




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